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Landlords - Letting only

As a property management agency we provide the following:


We will advertise your Nottingham property(ies) through our regular property lists, which are circulated to over 150 local companies and also future tenants who contact us each week through extensive advertising on Rightmove,  Yellow Pages,  the local press, in our shop windows and on this web-site.

Execulets is also a member of the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, which keep us well informed of new companies coming into the area, company expansions, and so on.

We also receive a very large number of enquires from personal recommendation of those who have had experience of the service we offer.


Execulets have no difficulty in valuing properties higher than other agencies - because we have so many tenants waiting for quality property - we can achieve them.

Tenancy Agreements

We use an extremely comprehensive Tenancy Agreement that is acceptable to Building Societies. Execulets are happy to liaise with your mortgage lender, should you require.

Matching the Property to the Tenant

Great care is taken by Execulets in matching people to properties.
All the properties we deal with will have been visited, assessed and valued by a properly trained member of staff. As many details as possible are collected at this point. We then take time to talk to prospective tenants to find out exactly what their requirements are. If they are deemed suitable (i.e. professional working people, with good references) we will arrange for a viewing of the property.

This care ensures neither parties' time is wasted. Its not the amount of tenants that an agency can supply that matters - its the quality of tenants that counts!

Furniture and Gas Regulations

We will be more than happy to advise Landlords on all safety regulations. We also receive regular updates on all legislation to enable us to keep you up-to-date.

Setting Up

When a suitable tenant is located, Execulets will take up suitable references, prepare the Tenancy Agreement, set up standing orders directly into your Bank/Building Society account, and take the first month's rent and deposit. We can also take meter readings and advise utilities (if required).

Tax Matters

We are able to supply the Inland Revenue with a rent statement on a yearly basis.
For further information see Tax Information